Bland Fanatics
Liberals, Race and Empire
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One of the most acclaimed essayists writing today on the political hysteria plaguing the West

Decades of violence and chaos have generated a political and intellectual hysteria—ranging from imperial atavism to paranoia about invading or hectically breeding Muslim hordes—that has affected even the most intelligent in Anglo-America. In Bland Fanatics, Pankaj Mishra examines this hysteria and its fantasists, taking on its arguments and the atmosphere in which it has festered and become influential. In essays that grapple with colonialism, human rights, and the doubling down of liberalism against a background of faltering economies and weakening Anglo-American hegemony, Mishra confronts writers from Jordan Peterson and Niall Ferguson to Salman Rushdie and Ayaan Hirsi Ali. With a newly written introduction, these essays provide a vantage point from which to look seriously at the current crisis.

Bland Fanatics is not available from Verso Books in the United States and Canada.


“Dazzling … an extraordinarly powerful argument, by a writer of powerful and perhaps even remorseless conviction, for the case that we need first to rethink our past in order to reshape our future.”

“An important and illuminating critic of liberalism and globalisation.”


“The Anglo-American commentariat is full of lofty egos. Pankaj Mishra has developed a reputation as their great deflater … Mishra’s analysis of Anglo-American barbarism is cutting.”

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