My Teaching
by Jacques Lacan Translated by David Macey Preface by Jacques-Alain Miller
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Paperback with free ebook
116 pages / January 2009 / 9781844672714

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July 2020 / 9781789604283
Hardback with free ebook
116 pages / January 2009 / 9781844672707

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The father of psychoanalytic philosophy's invaluable introduction to his own thought, available in English for the first time.
Bringing together three previously unpublished lectures presented to the public by Lacan at the height of his career, and prefaced by Jacques-Alain Miller, My Teaching is a clear, concise introduction to the thought of the influential psychoanalyst after Freud.


“What does one discover in this book? First of all a language which, far from being jargon-heavy, has the ring of luminous clarity. Next, a sense of humour which delights in paradoxes, hops from one subject to another and takes the reader from the most elementary level to the most complex. A thought, of course, which cannot be easily summarized. A benevolence too, which reassures the layperson and helps when following the course of the talk. Finally, an immense fidelity which never ceases to invite us to reread Freud.”

“This is certainly a book to recommend to all those who want to have a look at what Lacan has to say but who are reluctant to tackle his Écrits or his Seminars.”

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