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Beyond Black and White
Transforming African-American Politics
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Paperback with free ebook
320 pages / September 2009 / 9781844673834

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November 2016 / 9781784787684
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320 pages / September 2009 / 9781844673827

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Paperback with free ebook
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352 pages / November 2016 / 9781784787660
America's foremost radical black intellectual dissects the 'new racism.'

Many in the US, including Barack Obama, have called for a 'post-racial' politics: yet race still divides the country politically, economically and socially.

In this expanded new edition of a highly acclaimed work, Manning Marable rejects both liberal inclusionist strategies and the separatist politics of the likes of Louis Farrakhan, arguing powerfully for a new 'transformationist' strategy, which retains a distinctive black cultural identity but draws together all the poor and exploited in a united struggle against oppression. In a substantial new introduction, Marable looks back at the last ten years of African-American politics and the fight against racism, outlining a trenchant analysis of the 'New Racial Domain' that must be uprooted.


“Marable argues tirelessly not just for better days for black America, but for Americans in general. ”

“This book is important reading for activists and theorists alike, and for all of us who want to be both.”

“Vital reading for anyone concerned with African-American politics today.”

Beyond Black and White correctly identifies the rapidly changing notions of race that have led to what some call post-racialism.”

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