White Skin, Black Fuel
On the Danger of Fossil Fascism
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576 pages / May 18, 2021 / 9781839761744

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May 18, 2021 / 9781839761768


What does the rise of the far right mean for the battle against climate change?

In the first study of the far right’s role in the climate crisis, White Skin, Black Fuel presents an eye-opening sweep of a novel political constellation, revealing its deep historical roots. Fossil-fuelled technologies were born steeped in racism. No one loved them more passionately than the classical fascists. Now right-wing forces have risen to the surface, some professing to have the solution—closing borders to save the nation as the climate breaks down.

Epic and riveting, White Skin, Black Fuel traces a future of political fronts that can only heat up.


“This bold and richly detailed study of far-right approaches to climate change is a revelation. Its admirably transnational reading of urgent political priorities could not be more timely.”

“A highly engaging study, full of startling anecdotes and witty reflections. If you want to understand the political obstacles that will face climate action in the coming decades, White Skin, Black Fuel is a must-read.”

“A beautifully written, passionate, richly researched warning about fossil fascism—and its mutant offspring, ecofascism. With acute sensitivity, it traces the surprising connections between racist, nationalist ideology and climate denialism. And it persuasively explains why climate disaster only reinforces denialism on the right. An essential insight into an emerging threat.”

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