Race, Place, Trace
Essays in Honour of Patrick Wolfe
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192 pages / February 2022 / 9781839766169
February 2022 / 9781839766176

Exploring Patrick Wolfe’s work on settler colonialism

This edited collection celebrates Patrick Wolfe’s contribution to the study and critique of settler colonialism as a distinct mode of domination. The book emphasises Wolfe’s militant and interdisciplinary scholarship, together with his determination to acknowledge Indigenous perspectives and the efficacy of Indigenous resistance. Racial capitalism and settler colonialism are as entwined now as they always have been, and keeping both in mind at the same time highlights the need to establish and nurture solidarities that reach across established divides.


“Patrick Wolfe reached into the dark heart of settler colonialism and provided us with a world changing theory, grammar, and politics with which to respond to the ongoing subjugation of colonised peoples. These essays enact the profound legacies of a singular intellectual-activist and demonstrate the enduring power of his analysis.”

“Setter colonial studies is impossible to imagine without the concepts that Patrick Wolfe developed over decades of thinking about Indigenous dispossession and racialization. Because colonialism is not ‘post’ in settler societies, the task of theorizing their modalities of domination and erasure remains a pressing task. Race, Place, Trace is a fitting tribute to, and continuation of, his singular legacy.”

“Patrick Wolfe would have loved this book. I could imagine him wanting to participate in the arguments that are offered throughout its pages, for all the chapters are infused with the same scholarly rigour and critical passion that characterised his own work.”

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