Daddy Issues
Love and Hate in the Time of Patriarchy
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112 pages / June 14, 2022 / 9781839764370

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June 14, 2022 / 9781839764394


The fraught bonds between daughters and their fathers

In this searching, elegant essay, critically acclaimed writer Katherine Angel examines the place of fathers in contemporary culture with her characteristic mix of boldness and nuance, asking how the mixture of love and hatred we feel towards our fathers—and patriarchal father figures—can be turned into a relationship that is generative rather than destructive.

Moving deftly between psychoanalysis from Freud to Winnicott, cultural visions of fathering from King Lear to Ivanka Trump, and issues from incest to #MeToo, Angel probes the fraught bond of daughters and fathers, women and the patriarchal regime. What, she asks, is this discomfiting space of love and hate—and how are we to reckon with both fealty and rebellion?

As in her earlier Tomorrow Sex Will Be Good Again, Angel proves herself yet again to be one of the most perceptive feminist writers at work today.

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