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The Food Wars
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176 pages / September 2009 / 9781844673315

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July 2020 / 9781789605006

Crucial analysis of how the West created the global food crisis.

Violent protests across the global South, in response to rocketing food prices from 2006 to 2008, highlighted an intrinsic flaw in the modern system of world trade—one that poses a serious threat to regional and international stability. In The Food Wars, Walden Bello traces the evolution of this crisis, examining its eruption in Mexico, Africa, the Philippines and China. Daring in vision and impassioned in tone, The Food Wars speaks out against the obscene imbalance in the most basic commodities between northern and southern hemispheres.


“Walden Bello is the world’s leading no-nonsense revolutionary.”

“Walden Bello is the world’s best guide to American exploitation of the globe’s poor and defenseless.”

The Food Wars is brilliant and urgently needed ... Walden Bello's ethically grounded argument for food sovereignty, deglobalization and listening to what peasants have to say is essential reading.”

“A comprehensive and timely corrective to agribusiness-as-usual scenarios for solving the food crisis ... His solutions are compelling and critical for planetary sustainability.”

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