The Great Credit Crash

A comprehensive overview of the origins and consequences of the crisis.
Most accounts of the current financial crisis tell a story of deregulation, out-of-control markets and irresponsible speculation. But few of those works have done more than regurgitate the newspaper coverage. In contrast, The Great Credit Crash digs deeper, drawing on some of the most prominent radical analysts of the modern market to foreground the key questions that are still waiting to be answered.

This volume presents a more complete and convincing analysis of the recent economic disaster, which is revealed as a product of a social order built during the triumphalist years of neoliberal capitalism. The contributors assess current events and political responses, critically examining official rhetoric and hegemonic narratives to point the way to an understanding of the crisis beyond the subprime headlines.
With contributions by Stanley Aronowitz, Walden Bello, Dick Bryan, Gary A. Dymski, Thomas Ferguson, Steve Fraser, Sam Gindin, Peter Gowan, William Greider, Michael Hudson, Robert Johnson, James Livingston, Scott MacWilliam, Johnna Montgomerie, Anastasia Nesvetailova, Ronen Palan, Leo Panitch, Michael Rafferty, William I. Robinson, Herman Schwartz, Susanne Soederberg, Jeffrey Sommers, and Henry Veltmeyer