Politics and the Other Scene
by Etienne Balibar Translated by Christine Jones, James Swenson, and Chris Turner
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176 pages / September 2002 / 9781859842676

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192 pages / January 2012 / 9781844677856
Exploring themes of universalism and difference.

As one of Louis Althusser’s most brilliant students in the 1960s, Étienne Balibar contributed to the theoretical collective masterpiece of Reading Capital. Since then he has established himself among the most subtle philosophical and political thinkers in France.

In Politics and the Other Scene Balibar deepens and extends the work he first developed with Immanuel Wallerstein in Race, Nation, Class. Exploring the theme of universalism and difference, he addresses such topical questions as European racism, the notion of the border, whether a European citizenship is possible or desirable, violence and politics, and identity and emancipation.

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