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Anything But Mexican
Chicanos in Contemporary Los Angeles
Part of the Haymarket series
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352 pages / April 1996 / 9781859840313

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“Will stand amongst the classics in Chicano Studies.”—Teresa Cordova, University of New Mexico

By the year 2000, Mexicans and other Latinos will comprise fifty percent of the population of Los Angeles. In this new book, the author of the widely praised Occupied America describes the harsh realities facing Chicanos in LA today.


Anything But Mexican challenges neo-liberal interpretations of the history of Los Angeles which blame Mexicans and other immigrants of color for the decline of the city. Acuña’s provocative work confronts these historical myths, signalling that Latinos will not be dismissed.”

“Required reading on Chicanos in the Southwest. This book will stand amongst the classics in Chicano Studies.”

“This book defines important political and social space for Latinos in what has become the capital of Mexicans in the US. Anything But Mexican is a sensitive and often pointed discourse.”

“Rodolfo Acuña is one of the foremost scholar/activists in the country, bridging the gap between the Chicano movement and a multi-racial left that is often uninformed about the growing strategic importance of Latinos in the US.”

“A political and social history every bit as insightful and powerful as the earlier works by a pioneering Chicano scholar dubbed by some the ‘W.E.B. Dubois of Chicano Studies.’”

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