Another World Is Possible If . . .
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272 pages / September 2004 / 9781844675104
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An accessible, no-holds-barred analysis of globalization, movements for social change and justice, and alternate strategies.

Participants in the worldwide citizens’ movement for social change and global justice like to proclaim that ‘Another World Is Possible.’ But is it? To this popular slogan, Susan George adds a cautionary ‘If’ and suggests how we can indeed reach that other world.

Whether you are a seasoned campaigner and confirmed ‘world-changer,’ someone who wonders how you can join in the growing citizens’ movement, or someone who simply wants to know what this movement is about, this book is for you. You will discover that we are not condemned to glaring North-South inequalities, obscene wealth gaps, environmental destruction or inordinate power remaining in the hands of a small minority, if...



“With acid wit and somber truths, The Lugano Report brilliantly portrays, through the eyes of its imagined but all-to-realistic planners, a world that may be heading for deep trouble.”

“In this satire, a summit on preserving the capitalist order comes to some disturbing conclusions as it follows the logic of capitalism ad infinitum.”

“The Lugano Report is a brilliant and innovative means of exposing a world order that serves only the strongest. A compelling satire, packed with information, this is the work of an author in complete control of her subject.”

“In this book, at once funny and tragic, Susan George reveals the power of neo-liberal prophecy and the absurdity of the economic system it has in store for us.”

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