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The New Mole: Paths of the Latin American Left

The balance sheet of the Left in the turbulent Latin American continent.

The New Mole is a major new analysis of recent developments in Latin American politics by one of the continent’s leading political thinkers. Emir Sader explains the resurgence of radicalism in terms of the region’s history and explores its theoretical underpinning. The book is unusual in combining succinct judgments with broad chronological and geographical sweep—covering a period running from the early twentieth century to the present and detailing the political interplay between nations.

Sader points to areas where Latin America offers new insights to the world—on indigenous questions, for example—and areas where political thought lags behind practice, as in Venezuela. He also examines the process of regional integration under way in Latin America, which stands out because it is occurring independently of Washington. Looking at the role of political and ideological struggles in defining the continent’s trajectory, Sader concludes with an optimistic affirmation of agency that is all the more convincing for its sobriety.


  • “Emir crosses turbulent seas and neither runs aground nor loses his way. In these pages he speaks of the forces which, in Latin America and beyond, are struggling to create another possible world—traveling against winds and storms and, at times, against all the evidence. This book travels, like its subject, and invites us to follow a journey that leads to other journeys, the infinite navigation in which searching and finding are two names for the same human adventure.”
  • “Sader emphasizes that, whatever their contradictions and limitations, the new and radical Bolivarian processes have become a point of reference for debates on alternatives to neoliberalism, not only in Latin America but on an international scale. For all those who do not see neoliberalism or the capitalist system as the “end of history,” the only future for Latin America and the world, this book will be of the greatest interest.”
  • “[Latin America’s] one radical thinker of continental vision.”


  • A Few Hours with Chávez

    Hugo Chávez, military officer turned left-wing revolutionary, was one of the most important Latin American leaders of the twenty-first century. In My First LifeChávez narrates the story of his life in the years preceding his election as president in 1998. His interlocutor is Ignacio Ramonet, a former editor at Le Monde diplomatique who previously produced a similiar book with Fidel Castro. The post below is excerpted from Ramonet's introduction.

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    At the age of forty-five, Hugo Chávez became one of the youngest presidents in Venezuelan history.

    His investiture was held on 2 February 1999. And less than two months later, on 25 April, he called as promised a referendum for a Constituent Assembly. He got 88 per cent of the votes. The Bolivarian Revolution was on the march. In July, members were elected to the Assembly. The Polo Patriótico, the president’s coalition, swept the board again, with 121 of the 128 seats. The new Assembly began work on the Fifth Republic’s Constitution, the text of which had to be ratified by a national referendum on 15 December 1999.

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