September 29, 2015
The Wikileaks Files
The Auditorium at Foyles
September 29, 2015
7.00pm - 8.00pm
The Auditorium at Foyles
Charing Cross Road
London, United Kingdom
Julian Assange, John Pilger and Richard Gizbert

Live from the Ecuadorian Embassy, we host political activist and journalist Julian Assange in conversation to mark the publication of The Wikileaks Files: The World According to US Empire.

As the editor in chief of Wikileaks, Assange oversaw the leaking of secret documents pertaining to some of the most significant political subjects of our age: from Afghanistan to Iraq, Guantanamo Bay to Syria. The top-secret State Department cables revealed to the world what the US government really thinks about national leaders, friendly dictators, and supposed allies, as well as state-sponsored crimes: human rights violations, covert operations, and cover-ups.

Verso's new book The Wikileaks Files—an essential collection of writings on the impact of these exposés—unravels the most significant of released cables in a portrayal of US imperialism and surreptitious tactics, of torture, soft power and the ties between business and government, in its discussion of freedom of information, international surveillance and justice.

Appearing via live stream, Assange—author of the introduction to the volume—will be in introduced by journalist and filmmaker John Pilger before being interviewed by Al Jazeera journalist and broadcaster Richard Gizbert, both live from the Auditorium at Foyles. Assange will then take questions from the audience. We will also be selling copies of The Wikileaks Files, pre-signed by Julian Assange, on the night.

As well as a regular ticket option, we are also offering customers the opportunity to purchase a Book & Ticket package: for just £20 you can get a ticket and collect a signed copy of The Wikileaks Files: The World According to US Empire upon arrival to the Auditorium (RRP £20).

Tickets: £8 per ticket, or £20 for a Book & Ticket package.