March 26, 2019
Raquel Rolnik Keynote at 'Law At The Margins Of The City Conference'
Birkbeck College
March 26, 2019
9.00am - 9.00pm
Birkbeck College
Torrington Square, Bloomsbury
London, WC1E 7JL United Kingdom
Raquel Rolnik will be launching Urban Warfare at Law at the Margins of the City

In Urban Warfare, Raquel Rolnik charts how the financialisation of housing has become a global crisis, as home ownership and private property become the sole model of social advancement around the world. These changes were largely promoted by those who benefit the most: construction companies and banks, supported by government-facilitated schemes, such as “the right to buy,” micro-financing and urban land reforms.

Raquel Rolnik will be launching Urban Warfare: Housing Under the Empire of Finance at Law at the Margins of the City, a one-day conference at the School of Law, Birkbeck College.

The financialisation of capitalism is producing renewed forms of exclusion, poverty and racialisation as the urban fabric is transformed into a liquid asset class. At the same time, novel techniques of resistance and emancipation are appropriating the law to resist exclusion and effect social change. This one day conference explores the intersection of financialisation, law and urban exclusion. Bringing together researchers, activists and practitioners from multiple disciplines, the conference will explore the dual role of law in both producing urban marginalisation, and the potentials of its appropriation for resistance and the realisation of other urban futures.

10:15am-11.45am: Keynote address by Raquel Rolnik: territorial dispossession under financialized capitalism

6.30pm-8pm: Drinks Reception & Book Launch