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Walter Rodney: A Lighting Rod for Working Class Black Power


“If Walter Rodney’s assassins were under the impression that they could arrest the flow of his ideas by destroying his body, they could not have been more wrong.”— Angela Davis

Early in life, Walter Rodney became a major revolutionary figure in a dizzying range of locales that traversed the breadth of the Black diaspora: in North America and Europe, in the Caribbean, and on the African continent. He not only witnessed a Pan-African and socialist internationalism, he can be counted among its prime authors.

We are proud to publish Decolonial Marxism, a collection of previously unbound essays written during the world-turning days of Black revolution! 

Decolonial Marxism demonstrates the unbending consistency that unites Rodney's life and work: the ongoing reinvention of a living conception of Marxism, and a respect for the still untapped potential of mass self-rule.

Read an excerpt on the role of slavery in the economic underdevelopment of a continent here.

Published 50 years ago, How Europe Underdeveloped Africa is a legendary classic that galvanized freedom fighters around the world.

Read an excerpt on how colonialism reversed Africa's various paths of progress here.

A remarkable book on the international operations of racism and the global meaning of Black Power.

Read an excerpt on the impact of this vital work here.

Moving across the historiography of the long Russian Revolution with clarity and insight, Rodney transcends the ideological fault lines of the Cold War.

Read an excerpt on Rodney's political development and legacy here.