Dictatorship and Armed Struggle in Brazil

Dictatorship and Armed Struggle in Brazil

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Since 1964 when Goulart's presidency was brought to an end by the army, Brazil has been governed by an increasingly violent and repressive dictatorship. In 1968 the revolutionary left began an armed struggle in the major cities against the internal security forces. Their exploits — kidnappings, bank robberies, hijackings — became famous. This book, written by an ex-militant of the Popular Revolutionary Vanguard, one of the largest revolutionary organizations — responsible for the kidnapping of the German and Swiss Ambassadors — explains the military tactics and political strategy of the various armed groups. It describes the break-up of the traditional left, the transition to armed struggle, and explains why in Brazil this took the form of urban partisan and not guerilla warfare. It examines the clash of economic interest between different sections within the ruling class and summarizes the forces of the popular movement.

This book stresses throughout the need to combine military tasks with political work and ends with a discussion of the uses of 'armed propaganda'.


  • An indispensable work

  • An informative and thoughtful book about the frightening slide from amanged democracy to military despotism in Brazil

  • An important contribution to the debate as to how the cause of Marxist-Leninist revolution may be advanced in Latin America

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