Marx After Sraffa

Marx After Sraffa

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The work of Piero Sraffa represents a profound challenge both to conventional neo-classical economics and to certain aspects of orthodox Marxist economics. Ian Steedman's book tries to develop the logic of Sraffa's ideas into a systematic revaluation of Marx. Since it appeared in 1977 Marx Atter Sraffa has become an essential reference point in debates on the future of Marxist economic theory.


  • Steedman's book is rigorous and is recommended to the reader who seriously wishes to come to grips with the subject.

    Geoff Hodgson
  • We are indebted to Ian Steedman for the much good sense and clear analysis in this book and not least, for showing WHY it is silly for some marxists and socialists to try to keep Sraffa at arm's length.

    Nation Review (Australia)
  • ...Steedman's book is required for all those who wish to clear their own minds and reach an informed position on these fundamental issues.

    G.C. HarcourtJournal of Economic Literature