Beyond the Wasteland

Beyond the Wasteland:A Democratic Alternative to Economic Decline

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Three distinguished economists challenge the assumptions of Reaganomics, offering a twenty-one-point program for economic recovery

In Beyond the Wasteland three highly respected economists trace the causes of America's declining productivity, show how the accepted economic prescriptions fail to address the central crises of the system, and propose a programme for a fully democratic reform designed to regenerate the world economy . English readers will find the analysis highly relevant to their own situation.


  • Finally, a book that sets forth, in lucid and strategic terms, what feminists and progressives have been saying for a long time - that equality and social justice make good economic sense.

    Gloria Steinem
  • This book is by the three most interesting economists of the left in the United States...or The persuaded should read it for further instruction; the unpersuaded will miss it at their peril and loss.

    John Kenneth Galbraith