The Year Left Volume 1, An American Socialist Yearbook

The Year Left Volume 1, An American Socialist Yearbook:1985

  • Paperback

The Year Left is the first of an annual volume of historical, political and cultural analysis on the current situation and perspectives of the American left.

This volume includes contributions by Manning Marable, David Plotke, Stephanie Coontz, and Robert Brenner on the 1984 elections essays by John Beverley, Paul Buhle, Thomas Fierer, and John McClure on politics and culture in Latin America, pieces by Johanna Brenner, Nancy Holmstrom, Fred Pfeil and John Higgins on American feminism and contemporary culture, and a review essay on recent historiography of the American Communist Party by Mike Goldfield.

Critical without being sectarian, The Year Left provides a forum for debate and comment on the tasks facing the left in a period of right-wing populism, renascent militarism and jingoism, and the continuing reorganization of the global political economy. It will be essential reading for anyone with an interest in the latest developments in progressive American politics.