Autonomy and Solidarity

Autonomy and Solidarity:Interviews with Jürgen Habermas

  • Paperback

A new, expanded edition which includes an additional five interviews in which Habermas discusses such themes as the history and significance of the Frankfurt School, the social and political development of post-war Germany and the moral status of civil disobedience.

Jürgen Habermas must be accounted one of the foremost philosophers and social theorists of the present day. Over several decades he has developed an analysis of modernity which is rooted in the tradition of the Frankfurt School, but offers strikingly novel answers to longstanding questions of critical theory. In these illuminating and wideranging interviews, he recounts for the first time his own intellectual and political biography, and discusses his views on contemporary social theory and social movements. This new edition contains an extended introduction and an additional five interviews in which Habermas considers, among other things, the significance of the Frankfurt School, changing Mentalities in postwar Germany, and the relations between ethics, morality and law.


  • Both seasoned readers of Habermas and those who are still plucking up the courage to join them will greet Peter Dews's useful and timely volume of interviews with joy... This collection not only makes the substance of his thought more understandable than does any other available source; it also otters an insight into the inner dynamism of his theory.

    Zygmunt BaumanTlimes Literary Supplement
  • It is chilling to imagine the current theoretical and political landscape without Habermas's towering figure. Autonomy and Solidarity provides a marvellous point of entry into the thought of the outstanding German philosopher of our day.

    Martin JayNew York Times