Mafia Business

Mafia Business:The Mafia Epic and the Spirit of Capitalism

  • Paperback


  • Mafia Business has become a benchmark in the field ... we can no longer be complacent or very fond of Mafia godfathers after reading it ... Mr Arlacchi makes us angry, and then forces us to think.

    New York Times Book Review
  • Mafia Business is already regarded by Italian lawyers, historians, journalists and economists as the classic text on la nouva Mafia — the multinational criminal network which the phenomenon has become in recent years.

    The Listener
  • One of the most important works on the Italian Mafia. this is must reading for any student of the subject .. Detailed examination using trial data, various Italian government reports and documents, as well as interview material, makes this book extremely valuable to the student of organized crime; it also contains an excellent analysis of Mafia culture and values.