Arguing for Equality

Arguing for Equality

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Equality is the key issue of modern politics. It is the basic matter of principle dividing left and right - a central question for each person's political beliefs. Yet the reasoning behind these beliefs is rarely put forward or critically examined.

In this book, John Baker sets out the central arguments for equality. He shows that anyone who has a serious concern for the well being of others, who is committed to treating others decently, and who values a sense of community, has strong reasons to believe in equality. He also argues that we must go beyond the limited equality involved in 'equal opportunity'; that the privileged cannot claim to deserve their advantages; that freedom and equality support one another; that equality would benefit society as a whole; and that equality is possible. The resulting case is eloquent, powerful, and compelling

Arguing for Equality is written in a clear, fresh style which avoids unnecessary jargon and abstruse ideas. It is designed to be easy to use, and to stimulate people to draw on their own experience, make up their own minds and develop their own ideas. His essential reading for both the committed egalitarian and the undecided - in fact for anyone who cares about the kind of society we should live in.


  • An impressively skilful treatment of a topic of high political importance. There is a large academic literature on equality, but Baker's book is unmatched in the accessibility of its arguments and the comprehensiveness of its treatment. He has performed a unique service for the general reader.

    G A Cohen, Chichele Professor of Social Theory, Oxford University
  • An essential book which will help to turn the ideological tables against rampant conservatism.

    Hilary Wainwright