Fire in the Americas

Fire in the Americas:Forging a Revolutionary Agenda

  • Paperback

Common opposition to Reagan's Contra War has drawn Latin and North American activists into a unique dialogue. One of the fruits of this friendship is this extraordinary account of the historical originality and increasing interdependence of contemporary movements for social change in the Americas. Nuñéz, a leading Sandinista, and Burbach, his US 'internationalist' co-author, highlight the role of 'new social forces', such as the urban poor, the insurgent church, indigenous cultures, the women's movements and people of colour, in their analysis of the various New Lefts in both parts of the continent. Fascinating parallels between the rise of the 'rainbow coalition' in the north and the experience of liberation theology in the south are revealed.

Fire in the Americas was awarded the first Carlos Fonseca Prize in Managua in October 1986 for its contributions in the field of politics and social science.