Arguing for Socialism

Arguing for Socialism:Theoretical Considerations

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  • Arguing for Socialism contains much that will interest social philosophers. political theorists, and interpreters of Marx. Levine's treatment of the main evaluative ideas of the dominant tradition is illuminating, and his discussion of the theory of historical materialism contributes to an important ongoing debate in that area. But the most distinctive quality of the book is Levine's effort to pose the problems of comparison between socialism and capitalism so far as possible in terms which are independent from the main tenets of Marxism. He tries to show that, in the dominant tradition's own terms, capitalism is defective and may be improved upon through the construction of a democratic socialist society: such a society maybe more free, less exploitative, and more democratic than comparable capitalist forms. This is an important achievement in that it suggests that the moral and evaluative standards of the liberal tradition itself point the way beyond capitalist social relations.

    The Philosophical Review
  • ...well informed, undogmatic, never simplistic: the sort of stuff a convincing case for socialism will be made of ...

    Contemporary Sociology
  • A very stimulating and well argued book which is most helpful in clarifying the meaning of values such as freedom, equality and justice, and their significance for socialism.

    Labour Research