Europe from Below

Europe from Below:An East-West Dialogue

  • Paperback

The democratic revolutions of 1989 were greeted with euphoria. They seemed to offer the prospect of a united, democratic and peaceful Europe.

The reality, however, seems to be turning out quite differently. The countries of East—Central Europe face severe economic and ecological problems. New nationalist, authoritarian and exclusivist tendencies are emerging everywhere. The Soviet Union is in turmoil. The countries of Western Europe show little interest in integrating Eastern Europe into the European Community. The old military division of Europe is being replaced by a new economic division between a rich consumerist West and a poor, ecologically devastated East, riven by conflict.

This book is written by people who were engaged in the process of detente from below' during the 1980s. This dialogue between peace and human rights groups in East and West has played a significant role in expanding the space for the democratic movements in the East. The contributors write from a variety of perspectives, but are united in their desire for a Europe based on common values — democracy, disarmament, social justice, ecological responsibility and cultural pluralism.

Contributors: Neal Ascherson, Anthony Barnett, Robin Blackburn, Jiri Dienstbier, Barbara Einhorn, Mient Jan Faber, J.K. Galbraith, Timothy Garton Ash, Lynne Jones, Vaclav Havel, Mary Kaldor, George Konrad, Adam Michnik, John Palmer, Jaroslav Sabata, Milan Simecka, Aafke Steenhuis, Tair Tairov, E.P. Thompson and Christa Wolf.