Materialist Shakespeare

Materialist Shakespeare:A History

  • Paperback

This anthology traces the ascendancy of materialist Shakespeare criticism in the United States and Great Britain over the past decade and a half

Receptive to influences of such diverse theorists as Derrida, Jameson, Foucault, Irigaray, Kristeva, Lacan and Althusser, materialist Shakespeare criticism has long since left behind the days of ‘vulgar’ Marxism and has emerged as a rich interpretive practice. The essays chosen for this book cover all of Shakespeare’s dramatic genres and include works on King Lear, Othello, As You Like It, Measure for Measure, The Tempest, The Merchant of Venice, Henry V, Macbeth, The Taming of the Shrew and Julius Caesar. Contributors: Paul Delany; Louis Adrian Montrose; Walter Cohen; Alan Sinfield; Stephen Greenblatt; Michael D. Bristol; Katherine Eismann Maus; James R. Andreas; Robert Weimann; Graham Holderness; Lynda E. Boose; John Drakakis; Claire McEacherm; Frederic Jameson; and Ivo Kamps.


  • ... the encounter between Shakespeare and radical (or Marxist) criticism and theory is a two-way street: we find ourselves asking not merely what such critical theory has to tell us about Shakespeare, but also what Shakespeare has to tell us about radical criticism.

    Frederic Jameson