Not Your Father's Union Movement

Not Your Father's Union Movement:Inside the AFL-CIO

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An introduction to today's unions aimed at students and teachers. The text considers political action, women, immigrant workers, global strategy, and international worker solidarity, and incorporates a consideration of events such as the labour victory over the strike against UPS and legislative fights over the minimum wage.

After a long period of quiescence, the US union movement is once more making waves. Under a new leadership the AFL-CIO has won dramatic victories for a minimum wage and against fast-track, mounted high-profile interventions in Congressional elections, extended its international links and, above all, directed greater resources to grassroots recruitment. And, as this book reveals, that’s only the beginning ...
These pages bring together a group of writers, many directly involved in the AFL-CIO, who describe in detail the work now underway to rebuild the movement. Together they provide an indispensable guide for union members, students and teachers, and all those interested in progressive social change America today.
Contributors: Jo-Ann Mort, Harold Meyerson, Richard Bensinger, Karen Nussbaum, Steve Rosenthal, Kelly Candaele, Jerry Hudson, Amy Dean, Hector Figueroa, Barbara Shaillor, Guy Molyneux, David Kusnet, Mark Baldwin, David Glenn, Matt Witt, Rand Wilson, Juan Gonzalez and Noel Beasley.


  • Not Your Father’s Union Movement is not your father’s union book. It’s a collection of independent minds reflecting with insight and energy on a movement struggling to stage a revival. If you love the labor movement you’ll want to read this book. If you don’t, you need to read this book, to see what you’re up against.

    E. J. Dionne, author of They Only Look Dead
  • Smart, packed with information, and bracing to read—this is the one book you need to understand the excitement and frustration of being a labor activist at the dawn of the 21st century.

    Michael Kazin, author of the Populist Persuasion: An American History