Close to Home

Close to Home:A Materialist Analysis of Women’s Oppression

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Close to Home is the classic study of family, patriarchal ideologies, and the politics and strategy of women’s liberation. On the table in this forceful and provocative debate are questions of whether men can be feminists, whether “bourgeois” and heterosexual women are retrogressive members of the women’s movement, and how best to struggle against the multiple oppressions women endure.

Rachel Hills’s foreword to this new edition explores how Christine Delphy’s analysis of marriage as the institution behind the exploitation of unpaid women’s labor is as radical and relevant today as it ever was.


  • France’s most exciting feminist writer.

    Simone de Beauvoir
  • [Praise for Separate and Dominate] She writes with an extraordinarily clear-eyed passion … Delphy’s words are persuasive.

    Daily Telegraph
  • [Praise for Separate and Dominate] Christine Delphy cuts through ideology like a knife. Her critical analyses of the justifications for the ‘war on terror’ are sharp, accurate and anger-inducing. Her ability to hone in on the contradictions that sustain racism and sexism and perpetuate exclusion is second to none. Delphy’s insight and materialist approach lends her arguments a rare clarity—she deserves to be much more widely recognized in the anglophone world.

    Nina Power, author of One Dimensional Woman