Private Warriors

Private Warriors

  • Paperback

Widely-researched and fast-paced, Private Warriors surveys the generals, gun-runners and national security staffers who were cast adrift at the end of the Cold War and who now operate in the private sector. In these pages we encounter Ernst Werner Glatt, a right-wing German who was for many years the Pentagon’s preferred gun-runner; ex-Secretary of State Alexander Haig who now lobbies for China and assists in selling weapons to Turkey; and Frank Gaffney, an ex-Pentagon official who has grown rich by promoting the biggest boondoggle of them all, Star Wars. Today’s private warriors have a direct financial interest in war and the connections to push for the maintenance of bloated military budgets.


  • First-rate journalism by an indefatigable reporter.

    Lewis Lapham, EditorHarper's Magazine
  • A four-star tale of government and industry running amuck.

    Kirkus Reviews
  • If contemporary novels such as Don DeLillo's and James Ellroy's American Tabloid evoke the melodramatic outlines of a secret government ... then Ken Silverstein's Private Warriors depicts the real thing behind the fiction, the steely-jawed careerists whose Cold War mentality and insider savvy hold sway over national policy.

    In These Times