Al Gore

Al Gore:A User’s Manual

  • Hardback

What sort of a man is Al Gore?

What’s his real political record? This is the first unsparing look at the man whom his parents raised from birth to be president of the United States. Inside these pages, you will find:

• How Al Gore and his father got on the payroll of one of America’s most ruthless tycoons, Armand Hammer
• How Al Gore has relentlessly exploited his sister’s death and son’s accident for personal political advantage
• How Al Gore violated the most basic journalistic ethics by helping the cops run a sting operation on a black politician in Nashville
• How Al Gore played midwife to the MX missile
• How Al Gore became a soul brother of Newt Gingrich
• How Al Gore race-baited Jesse Jackson and introduced George Bush to Willie Horton
• How Al Gore shopped his vote in support of the Gulf War to get prime-time coverage for his speech
• How Al Gore pushed Clinton into destroying the New Deal
• How Al Gore plotted to stop Democrats from recapturing Congress in 1996 in order to keep his rival Dick Gephard from becoming Speaker of the House
• How Al Gore leached campaign from nearly every corporate lobbyist in DC, and broke pledge after pledge to protect the environment