Flying Sparks

Flying Sparks:Growing Up on the Edge of Las Vegas

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Odette Larson vividly recounts her adolescence on the edge of Las Vegas before it became the Disneyfied centre of family entertainment that it is today

Contrasting the frontiers of this haunted geography with the severity of her life at home, this extraordinary rite of passage includes a spectacular escape from a mental hospital with two convicted killers and brutal adventures on the streets of Oakland.


  • Sincere, but not for the faint-hearted ... redemption comes only on the very last page.

    The Guardian
  • It’s unstinting in its portrayal of screwed-up family dynamics ... and unflinching in its depiction of Larson’s experiences.

    Las Vegas Life
  • There is much pain and horror in this story, but there is also much that’s beautiful, inspiring, and heartfelt. Descriptions of the desert are especially poignant and come from an obviously inspired writer.

    Creative Loafing