Science, Seeds, and Cyborgs

Science, Seeds, and Cyborgs:Biotechnology and the Appropriation of Life

  • Hardback

An important intervention into current debates on biotechnology

Drawing on an impressive wealth of evidence, Science, Seeds and Cyborgs challenges the legitimacy of genetic engineering. This prescient book highlights countless scientific flaws in many of the recent developments in agriculture, medicine, and new reproductive technologies, and shows that the degree of uncertainty involved in genetic manipulation is far greater than is generally assumed.
Science, Seeds and Cyborgs then explores the social and ethical implications of genetic engineering. Bowring argues that the current cultural obsession with the idea of cyborgs encapsulates society’s biotech vision and ultimately the victory of a technocratic consciousness. We are entering a mechanical civilization in which feelings of sympathy and affection, moral ambiguities, cosmic doubts and inexpressible convictions are nothing but obstacles to the rapid circulation of data and the harmonious reproduction of technological systems. If this cybernetic vision succeeds, biotechnology achieves its final triumph: the abolition of subjectivity and the adaptation of humans to an inhuman world.


  • An important and timely intervention into current debates on biotechnology. Written in a clear and accessible style it deserves to be read widely by all those interested in the ecological, social, and ethical implications of biotechnology.

    John O'Neill
  • Read this book and you will never casually scan another news article about the wonders of the new genetics again. Bowring will make you think long and hard about what it is we are doing, and what it is we think we are doing as we strive to map, control and remake ourselves and our world.

    Barbara Katz Rothman