The Sorrows of Empire

The Sorrows of Empire:How the American People Lost

  • Paperback

A brilliant and sobering denunciation of American imperialism

A stunning exposure of the policies that have led to American imperialism and the massive military deployment that accompanies it, The Sorrows of Empire proposes that the US could suffer the same “overstretch” that led to the demise of the Soviet Union. Johnson outlines the cost of Empire, both for the American people and their Republic, and for the rest of the world. Eloquent and impassioned, The Sorrows of Empire is a somber and cogent analysis, written with an authority that is impossible to ignore.


  • A disquieting revelation ... a powerful indictment of current U.S. military and foreign policy.

    Los Angeles Times
  • In Chalmers Johnson the American empire has found its Jeremiah. He deserves to be heard; but the proper response to his gloomy message is not despair, but thought followed by action.

    Washington Post