Beyond Chutzpah

Beyond Chutzpah:On the Misuse of Anti-Semitism and the Abuse of History

  • Paperback

In Beyond Chutzpah, Norman Finkelstein moves from an iconoclastic interrogation of the new anti-Semitism to a meticulously researched exposé of the corruption of scholarship on the Israel–Palestine conflict, especially in the work of Alan Dershowitz. Pointing to a consensus among historians and human rights organizations on the factual record, Finkelstein argues that so much controversy continues to swirl around the conflict because apologists for Israel contrive it.
This paperback edition includes a new preface examining recent developments in the Israel–Palestine conflict and the misuse of anti-semitism, and a new chapter analysing the controversy surrounding Israel’s construction of the West Bank wall.


  • A very solid, important and highly informative book. Norman Finkelstein provides extensive details and analysis, with considerable historical depth and expert research, of a very wide range of issues concerning Israel, the Palestinians, and the United States.

    Noam Chomsky
  • His research is painstaking, his evidence persuasive and his conclusions devastating.

    London Review of Books