Mad Cow, Bird Flu, Global Village

Mad Cow, Bird Flu, Global Village:The Art of Dan Perjovschi

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Acute and wickedly funny cartoons by MoMA/Tate-exhibited artist

Spontaneous,abrupt and wickedly humorous, Dan Perjovschi is fast becoming one ofthe world’s most influential cartoonists. He presents here a skepticalcommentary on contemporary global conflicts and dilemmas, military andeconomic imperialism, and the complexities and contradictions of socialand political life in a post-cold war world. Drawing on popular formsof newspaper cartoons and comics for his often unpalatable truths, hisdrawings are disorderly and disrespectful, puncturing the world of themass media and their trivial, bizarre products. Perjovschi is a masterof the punchline, his command of language unique, infused with puns andmultiple meanings. The result is at once hilarious and subversive.


  • A hybrid of graffiti and activism, a ‘Kilroy was here’ for the MoveOn set ... a testament to the power of unabashed agitprop.

    New York Times