The Other

The Other

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The master of literary reportage reflects on the West's encounters with the non-European.

Introduction by Neal Ascherson

In our globalised but increasingly polarised age, Kapuscinski shows how the Other remains one of the most compelling ideas of our times.

In this reflection on a lifetime of travel, the renown travel writer takes a fresh look at the Western idea of the Other: the non-European or non-American. Looking at this concept through the lens of his own encounters in Africa, Asia and Latin America, Kapuscinski traces how the West has understood the Other from classical times to colonialism, from the Age of Enlightenment to the postmodern global village.


  • ' He has given the truest, least partial, most comprehensive and vivid account of what life is like on our planet . . .A great imaginative writer, he goes way beyond the material he is processing.

    Geoff DyerGuardian
  • Kapuscinski trascends the limitations of journalism and writes with the narrative power of a Conrad or Kipling or Orwell

    Blake Morrison
  • The 20th century's most telling spokesman for the millions of ordinary people who are trapped in the vagaries of authoritarian regimes