Half-Earth Socialism

Half-Earth Socialism:A Plan to Save the Future from Extinction, Climate Change and Pandemics

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A plan to save the earth and bring the good life to all

In this thrilling and capacious book, Troy Vettese and Drew Pendergrass challenge the inertia of capitalism and the left alike and propose a radical plan to address climate disaster and guarantee the good life for all. Consumption in the Global North can’t continue unabated, and we must give up the idea that humans can fully control the Earth through technological “fixes” which only wreak further havoc.Rather than allow the forces of the free market to destroy the planet, we must strive for a post-capitalist society able to guarantee the good life for the entire planet. This plan, which they call Half-Earth Socialism, means we must:

  • rewild half the Earth to absorb carbon emissions and restore biodiversity
  • pursue a rapid transition to renewable energy, paired with drastic cuts in consumption by the world’s wealthiest populations
  • enact global veganism to cut down on energy and land use
  • inaugurate worldwide socialist planning to efficiently and equitably manage production
  • welcome the participation of everyone—even you!

Accompanied by a climate-modelling website inviting readers to design their own “half earth,” Vettese and Pendergrass offer us a visionary way forward—and our only hope for a future.

If you've enjoyed the book or the game Half-Earth Socialism, then join the HES discord server where you can chat with gamers, readers, and the authors. There you can chat about strategies for the game, organize with fellow ecosocialists, and learn more about history, theory, and utopia! To get an invitation to the channel email: half.earth.socialism@proton.me.


  • Half-Earth Socialism conclusively demonstrates how a liveable future requires a fundamentally different relationship to the Earth, the only home our species has ever known. A must read for post-capitalists and those who care about the climate crisis.

    Aaron Bastani, author of Fully Automated Luxury Communism
  • The best way to subvert a dystopia is to plan a utopia. In Half-Earth Socialism, Vettese and Pendergrass delve into this vital work of practical dreaming. So what does a better world look like? Blending science, history, philosophy and fiction, the authors thoughtfully chart a possible future to avert the worst impacts of the climate crises. Importantly, beyond climate mitigation and adaptation, this book tackles the critical need to address large-scale system change. Read this book if you not only dream of saving the world, but want a plan for how to do it.

    Ziya Tong, science broadcaster and author of The Reality Bubble
  • Finally, the book we have been waiting for. A real plan, simple and elegant. Half the planet is re-wilded. Within the vision of this book, is admirable forensic research, the science, that can power a vegan socialist world. Up to now, the capitalization of nature, has successfully delivered profit for the few, at the expense of all life. Capital is indifferent to the cries from slaughterhouses, the roar of anguish of burning forests, the animals who cannot flee infernos and flooding, sea creatures drowning in oceans of plastic and chemicals. The neo liberal capitalist ship sails on, a soulless machine, extracting humanity from humans. We can no longer see many stars through the haze of pollutants, but the stars shine on, within the idea of utopian socialism. We don’t don’t want to go to the stars as colonizing billionaires, we want to see the stars. This remarkable book, points the way.

    Sue Coe, artivist, author of Dead Meat, Cruel, and Sheep of Fools