Ending Fossil Fuels

Ending Fossil Fuels:Why Net Zero is Not Enough

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Ending the fossil fuel industry is our only hope of a liveable climate.

Around the world, countries and companies are setting net-zero carbon emissions targets. But “net-zero” is a term that conveniently obscures multiple futures. There could be a version of net-zero where the fossil fuel industry is still spewing tens of billions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, and has built a corresponding industry in sucking it back out again. Holly Buck argues that focusing on emissions draws our attention away from where we need to be looking: the point of production.

It is time to plan for the end of fossil fuel and the companies that profit from them. Fossil fuels still provide 80% of world energy and ceasing their use before there are ready alternatives brings risks of energy poverty. The fossil fuel industry provides jobs, as well as a source of revenue for some frontline communities. Conventional wisdom says that fossil fuels will be naturally priced out when cheaper, but this raises as many problems as it addresses. Ending Fossil Fuels tackles these problems seriously and also sets out a roadmap that offer opportunities for more liveable, inclusive future.


  • Praise for After Geoengineering: one of the strengths of Buck’s approach to her topic is the narrative nonfiction treatment of an issue often too complex for individual human imaginations ... She expertly preserves the nuance and complexity of figuring out what to do with the remains of an industry on which the entire global economy currently depends.

    Issues in Science and Technology
  • Praise for After Geoengineering: A book to be read on its own terms...Buck’s eloquent and useful

    New Socialist
  • Praise for After Geoengineering: This is the guide to the future ... Written in graceful prose ... this book shines. Anyone worried about what comes next should read it.

    Andreas Malm, author of The Progress of This Storm and How to Blow Up a Pipeline