Our Bloc

Our Bloc:How We Win

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In Our Bloc, Momentum co-founder James Schneider lays out an action plan for the British left. To move from defeatism to renewed confidence, he proposes a Left Bloc: an explicit alliance of socialists in Parliament, the Labour grassroots, the trade unions and social movements.

In the wake of Corbyn's defeat, Schneider makes a bold argument: the central question is not whether to stay in or leave the Labour Party. Instead, we should focus on federating our forces - to strengthen our movements and voices today, and lay the ground to construct the party we need to enter the state tomorrow.

Now is not the moment to scale back our ambitions. Climate shocks, rising debt, inequality and energy costs are hard barriers to neoliberalism's viability. If we can build power and prepare to seize the moment, we have a world to win.


  • Our Bloc offers a powerful case for action. When movements come together, we change the world

    Jeremy Corbyn
  • Inspirational. Our Bloc lifts the strategic debate. We need it.

    Hilary Wainwright, co-editor of Red Pepper
  • A razor-sharp intervention by one of the smartest strategists on the left.

    Richard Seymour, author of Corbyn