Fighting in a World on Fire

Fighting in a World on Fire:The Next Generation's Guide to Protecting the Climate and Saving Our Future

  • Paperback (2023)

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An argument for bold action to halt climate destruction, adapted for young people from Andreas Malm’s best-selling book by an experienced educator.

Young people are inheriting a world of climate catastrophe. Young people are also one of the strongest forces leading movements for climate justice, and to halt the fossil fuel emissions that are making our Earth unlivable. As Greta Thunberg and the Fridays for the Future movement have made clear, solutions offered by adults are far too little, far too late: the measures in unenforceable international agreements won't halt our reliance on fossil fuels, or take the drastic steps humans need to take in order to keep our planet livable.

What kinds of drastic steps are needed? What kind of bold actions can the climate justice begin using to bring a stop to climate destruction, and that can be employed alongside existing strategies of mass protest, awareness, and legal appeals? Why does our society consider profit for oil companies more important than the future of young people and the health of our shared environment?

In this adaptation of Andreas Malm's best-selling book on the need for a bolder, more confrontational climate justice movement, How to Blow Up a Pipeline these urgent questions are brought to the most important audience of all: those who are growing up in a world on fire.


  • Reading this brilliant book I found myself underlining whole passages, ticking repeatedly in the margins and inwardly cheering. Every school library should buy a copy. Every concerned parent should make sure their children have access to it.

    Tom TolkienSchool Reading List
  • The intensity and urgency of the need for meaningful climate action comes through loud and clear...This book has two goals: to provoke strong reactions and to create committed activists. Readers will find much to think about.

  • Four hefty chapters chart a progressive path for a young would-be environmental activist, with information presented through a global lens...A persuasive, if provocative, polemic tackling an important subject.

    Kirkus Reviews