Lean on Me

Lean on Me:A Politics of Radical Care

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What's left to say, to keep hope alive today?

Have you ever relied on the kindness of strangers? What brings people together to find hope and solidarity? What do we owe each other as citizens and comrades?

Questions of care, intimacy, education, meaningful work, and social engagement lie at the core of our ability to understand the world and its possibilities for human flourishing. In Lean On Me feminist thinker Lynne Segal goes in search of hope in her own life and in the world around her. She finds it entwined in our intimate commitments to each other and our shared collective endeavours.

Segal calls this shared dependence 'radical care'. In recounting from her own life the moments of motherhood, and of being on the front line of second-wave feminism, she draws upon lessons from more than half a century of engagement in left feminist politics, with its underlying commitment to building a more egalitarian and nurturing world. The personal and the political combine in this rallying cry to transform radically how we approach education, motherhood, and our everyday vulnerabilities of disability, ageing, and enhanced needs.

Only by confronting head-on these different forms of interdependence and care can we change the way we think about the environment and learn to struggle — together —against impending climate catastrophe.


  • Lean on Me contains crucial lessons, from one of the most important figures of the British Women's Liberation Movement, for our contemporary politics. Our dependence on the care of others, Lynne Segal reminds us, is not just an inescapable requirement of human life, but moreover the ultimate source of its meaning.

    Amia Srinivasan, author of The Right to Sex
  • Both memoir and manifesto, this wonderful book charts a personal history of feminist socialism - and, with her usual humane wisdom, our author points the way to a better politics.

    Baroness Helena Kennedy of the Shaws KC
  • Such a powerful, honest and passionate account of a life lived with and for others, one that cuts right through the ideology of the singular individualist. Interdependence is how we thrive and survive and Lynne Segal shows how we do this daily over a lifetime. A wonderfully warm, vivid, compassionate book. A model for us all.

    Bev Skeggs, Professor, Sociology, University of Lancaster