The Vote

The Vote:How It Was Won and How It Was Undermined

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The British peoples’ dramatic struggle for the right to vote

The culmination of a lifetime’s work by the celebrated journalist and historian Paul Foot, The Vote tells the thrilling story of how the universal franchise was secured in Britain, and the slow erosion that followed. Foot takes readers from the smoke-filled church of the Putney Debates to the incendiary arguments between Thomas Paine and Edmund Burke in the aftermath of the French Revolution, to the rise of Chartism and the fight for women’s suffrage. Throughout, Foot shows how vested interests first delayed and then hobbled the progress of democracy.

Looking to the twentieth century, Foot exposes the gaps between the promises of a succession of Labour governments and their actions once in power, and the party’s abandonment of any aspiration to economic democracy.

Written with Paul Foot’s inimitable energy and engaging style, this is a classic work of history and a must-read for anyone interested in the origins of today’s political scene.


  • Foot's greatest book

    Tony Benn
  • Passionate, energetic and invincibly cheerful: the qualities of his final book are also a monument to the man himself

    Francis WheenGuardian
  • Foot at the height of his powers. Here is the superb journalist, historian, advocate again saying the unsayable

    John Pilger