War and Revolution

War and Revolution:Rethinking the Twentieth Century

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Author of the acclaimed Liberalism: A Counterhistory dissects the revisionist attempts to expunge or criminalise revolutions

War and Revolution identifies and takes to task a reactionary trend among contemporary historians. It is a revisionist tendency discernible in the work of authors such as Ernst Nolte, who traces the impetus behind the Holocaust to the excesses of the Russian Revolution; or François Furet, who links the Stalinist purges to an “illness” originating with the French Revolution.

In this vigorous riposte to those who would denigrate the history of emancipatory struggle, Losurdo captivates the reader with a tour de force account of modern revolt, providing a new perspective on the English, American, French and twentieth-century revolutions.


  • A brilliant exercise in unmasking liberal pretensions, surveying over three centuries with magisterial command of the sources. (In praise of Liberalism: A Counter-History)

    Financial Times
  • Stimulatingly uncovers the contradictions of an ideology that is much too self-righteously invoked. (In praise of Liberalism: A Counter-History)

    Pankaj MishraGuardian
  • A book of wide reference and real erudition. (In praise of Liberalism: A Counter-History)

    Times Literary Supplement