The Crisis in Physics

The Crisis in Physics

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Caudwell’s controversial book offers an astute and enduring diagnosis of the maladies of bourgeois epistemology

Christopher Caudwell’s The Crisis in Physics is a stylish and readable analysis of the lines of connection between scientific theories and economic realities. Caudwell provides a trenchant critique of mechanism and positivism. In the words of J. B. S. Haldane, The Crisis in Physics offers a ‘quarry of ideas’ for future philosophers: a wealth of insights and arguments that demand and deserve continuing critical reflection.


  • Caudwell’s style is fluent, cogent and assertive

    E. P. Thompson, historian and author, The Making of the English Working Class
  • He wrote prolifically, in the most astonishing outpouring of creative energy, and produced serious Marxist theoretical works that can only be described as original and breathtakingly brilliant.

    Helena Sheehan, Marxism and the Philosophy of Science: A Critical History
  • Caudwell criticised, brilliantly and destructively, the philosophical conclusions of bourgeois scientists.

    J. D. Bernal