The Xenofeminist Manifesto

The Xenofeminist Manifesto:A Politics for Alienation

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A pocket colour manifesto for a new futuristic feminism

The Xenofeminist Manifesto is an attempt to articulate a feminism fit for the twenty-first century. Unafraid of exploring the potentials of technology, exploring both oppressive and emancipatory possibilities, the manifesto seeks to uproot forces of oppression that have come to seem inevitable – from the family, to the body, to the idea of gender itself. The Xenofeminist Manifesto re-asserts that biology is not destiny, that no injustice should simply be accepted as ‘the way things are’, and looks to ways technologies can challenge our understandings of Nature – and even allow us to resist Nature itself.


  • Xenofeminism is a corruption in the best sense of the term

    The New Inquiry
  • Xenofeminism's fierceness and compassion (qualities too often opposed) are a compelling proposition.

    Leni ZumasTimes Literary Supplement