Feminism in Transnational Times: Christine Delphy & Sylvie Tissot in Conversation

Professor Christine Delphy, one of the world's most significant feminist theorists, spoke with Sylvie Tissot, academic and filmmaker who has explored Delphy’s life and work in the acclaimed film about Delphy’s life, Je ne suis pas féministe mais...

Tissot is also the author of 
Good Neighbors: Gentrifying Diversity in Boston's South End a subtle study of the use of diversity discourse in the gentrification of a working class neighbourhood. In two conversations, recorded at a pair of events run by the London School of Economic’s Gender Institute, they discussed Delphy's acclaimed book Separate and Dominate: Feminism and Racism after the War on Terror. 

Listen to Delphy and Tissot's discussion about Separate and Dominate, a hard hitting manifesto that interrogates the utilisation of liberal feminism by apologists for the War on Terror. Their discussion centred on the challenges facing feminism in the context of the emergence of new forms of racism and was partnered with a screening of Tissot's film on 10th February at the LSE Gender Institute. 

Listen to the Q&A between Delphy and one of the directors, Sylvie Tissot, director of Je ne suis pas féministe mais..

You can read more about the events on the LSE Gender Institute's webpage.