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  • Seven rules to help spread racist ideas in France

    Seven rules to help spread racist ideas in France

    This text, written by Jacques Ranciere more than 20 years ago, seems particularly relevant in the run-up to a presidential election that is already saturated with racist ideas, nonstop polemics and the obsessions of a far right that is guaranteed media coverage whether benevolent or pseudo-indignant.

  • From Foster's 1899 The Races of Europe

    Race, Racism, and Racecraft

    Racecraft is not a euphemistic substitute for racism. It is a kind of fingerprint evidence that racism has been on the scene. 

  • Racism, Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia

    Racism, Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia

    Shifting demographic trends across the West, driven in part by new global migration and refugee movements, are creating both new discourses about race and forms of racism. In this essay, Etienne Balibar argues that today's analyses must examine anti-Semitism and Islamophobia together, as parallel manifestations of contemporary racism. 

  • Race and Housing in the UK

    Race and Housing in the UK

    Cities in the UK are reproducing the pattern of those in other countries, where the poor and non-white are consigned to the periphery. Where housing is more affordable, but where poverty and social alienation are widespread. Glyn Robbins on the covert institutional racism of UK housing policy.

  • Daniel Guérin: 'Towards an Extraparliamentary Opposition'

    Daniel Guérin: 'Towards an Extraparliamentary Opposition'

    Daniel Guérin (1904-1988), was a French libertarian-communist perhaps best known for his controversial 1960s attempt to synthesize Marxism and anarchism. Here, translated into English for the first time, is the text of his speech about anti-racist struggle in both the US and France.

  • Seattle's Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, photo by Dean Spade.

    Defund the Seattle Police Department!

    These activist demands to defund the Seattle Police Department, prepared by COVID-19 Mutual Aid Seattle, emerged out of the city-wide movement that made headlines last week when the SPD abandoned a police precinct in the city's Capitol Hill neighborhood and activists reclaimed the space, naming it the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.

  • Protest sign, New York City, June 2020. Photo by Jessie Kindig.

    Protest is as Essential as Hand Washing

    "We have two ongoing epidemics. One has been with us for only a few months; the other is over 400 years old." Joseph Godfrey on Covid-19 and protesting while Black.