Milan Simecka

DR. MILAN SIMECKA (1930-1990) was born on 6 March 1930 in the Moravian town of Novy Bohumin. From 1954 he worked as a lecturer at Bratislava's Comenius University, and in the sixties he wrote for many journals known for their reformist politics, Kultumy zivot, Literarni lisp and others, as well as for radio and television. In March 1970 he was expelled from the university and worked as a driver and a building worker. He was held in custody on a charge of 'suberversion of the republic'' from May 1981 to May 1982, but the case was never brought to trial. He published samizdat essays and articles from 1975 and was regarded as one of the finest political commentators in Czechoslovakia.

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