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A Modest Proposal for John O'Brien

Jacob Stevens14 December 2012

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As Verso Books is currently looking for a Digital Marketing Manager, we read with interest the new Dalkey Archive 'job' ad—everyone from the New Yorker to Salon, the LA Times and Forbes has now weighed in, feigning surprise that people might work for no money to get into the media. Here at Verso Books, we already have a 'Personal Assistant to the Publisher' who fulfills all of John's desired qualities: working for no pay, no complaints about working overtime or weekends, no 'weddings in Rio' to attend, let alone surfing the internet, gossiping, or taking personal phone calls. She's always happy to 'meet all key authors the Press publishes, be a liaison between the Publisher and other staff, and know what the Publisher needs or wants before he does'. Meet Lola. 

Since Lola's position is already secure, we'd be happy to point John in the direction of a few rescue shelters. Verso jobs lean in the direction of pay, benefits and contracts (even the internships!). But we wish our colleagues at Dalkey Archive the best of luck in putting together their London dream team. If at any point they start 'giving unsolicited advice about how to run things', please point them in our direction. That's kind of our thing.