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VIDEO: The Mexican war on drugs is 'just a sham'—Anabel Hernández on Democracy Now!

Marianna Reis27 September 2013

Verso author and award-winning journalist Anabel Hernández recently appeared on Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman and Juan González to discuss some of the explosive revelations found in her new book Narcoland, which illuminates the links between the Mexican government and drug cartels.  Hernández explained:

What I found in official documents and by testimonies is that the secretary of public security, Genaro Garcia Luna, was the most powerful chief of police in the government of Felipe Calderon. He was really involved with the drug cartels, with the Sinaloa cartel, he was in the payroll as the same, as the most important chief of the police of the federal police.  So these guys not just protect the Sinaloa cartel, they also help them traffic drugs and money in the most important airports in Mexico.

Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman, an advocate for journalistic freedom who has seen her fair share of danger as a journalist, recognized Hernández's bravery as a journalist living and working in Mexico, one of the most dangerous places to practice the profession.  

Despite being the target of serious death threats, Hernández insisted that her work, while dangerous, is necessary:

There are many, many places under the control of the drug cartels ... now Mexico is a very dangerous place.  It's sad to say, because I am Mexican, but I am a journalist.  I have the duty to say the truth.  
Visit Democracy Now! to read the interview transcript in full.

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